White Tiger

White TigerWhite tiger are Bengal tigers, whose fur is white or almost white. These species are not albino nor a separate subspecies of tiger. Rather, they are just Bengal tigers, which controls two copies of the pigmentation of the skin of the recessive gene. They are often described as a beautiful woman with pale skin, blue eyes, pink nose and black stripes. The black stripes to make them identical to the orange Bengal tigers, and they differ from albino tigers, 100% white, without streaks.

According to history, in May 1951, Maharajah Shri Martand Singh was hunting in the jungle of Bandhavgarh, which is located in India. From there, it was reported that a tigress with four cubs, one of which was white and had been sifted. The white tiger, which was like a lion cub was captured by Maharaja named Mohan. Mohan was the last recorded white tiger born in the wild.

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  1. I love these white tigers. I hope people would start saving this specie so these tigers won't end up like Tasmanian tigers which are now extinct. Good thing that this website has a video of the last tasmanian tiger in the world: http://whitetiger.natureobservers.com/

    Let's start spreading our love for these white tigers. If we won't make a move, then we should also start saying goodbye to these tigers.


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