Guinea Pig

Guinea PigGuinea pig farming is very rewarding. First, it is easy pairing. Breeding is simple and at the end of the day you are happy, how to grow these little creatures and see develop. So make sure you provide the ability to be a good home for babies. Guinea pig called male and female wild boar and the sow is to sow can start breeding at the age of five weeks. But even if this is possible, it is still too young for the sow. It is recommended that the sow weighs about 400gm, which is the sow to 3 months.

Breeding Guinea pig should be the age of men at about 3 or 4 months before allowing them to mate. The estrous cycle of the sow (heat) lasts about 16 days. Meanwhile, the sow will be interested to contact the boar of about eight hours. Guinea Pig Breeding can occur anywhere during the eight hours. Sows and boars Beaus-really, the only way the simplest and is to keep the romance in the air to keep the two together until you are positive that the sow is pregnant are.

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