Red Bird

Red bird of ParadiseThe myth of the red bird nest has been supported in the Chinese community. Some say swallows his saliva mixed with blood, making their nests, others say the work through frequent harvests by farmers who swallows too hard until they bleed on the throat during the bird's nest of construction. However, the fact that the blood is soaked black.

After observing Harvestore experienced, nests are near the entrance of the caves in white color. Deeper into the cave, the nests are in the yellow and near the lower end of a golden color.

The coloring of real bird's nest is found in yellow and red because of the interaction of the nest with the wall of the cave and absorption of natural minerals in the wall. Nest of a red uniform with yellow and red is hard to find, as one side of the nest in contact with the wall of the cavity. It could be due to feed the swallows of red algae. In this case, the color of the nest instead of just gray pink yellow or red.

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