Black Cat

Black CatBlack cat are often the last choice for people interested in getting a new cat. Some shelters will not even take it as it has always made ​​it difficult. Why avoid black cats? In the world of chat, black is one of the most common colors. Potential owners want a different look that different combinations of colors, stripes or other color.

Some people are superstitious of black cat. A common belief is that a black cat cross the way a person brings bad luck. A black cat, people, the particular faith is very afraid, or at least discomfort to subscribe. Interestingly, in other places like the UK, black-coated cats believed to bring good luck. Moreover, the discovery of a white hair on a black cat that his fortune is. As white hairs on black animals are widespread, there are many possibilities, good luck for the owner of a black cat found.

Historically, black cat are often seen as harbingers of evil. It took place for friends witches, witches and could supposedly take the physical form of a cat to hide among humans in order to carry out evil deeds.

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