Fat Cat

Funny fat catsYou have an image in mind of a "Fat Cat" is the cat sitting on a rather plump
Couch with a glass of cognac and a fat Cuban cigar. You've seen pictures of fat cat
or know someone who eats a huge cat, sweet future that looks more like a hedgehog, as species of felines. Why fat cat? Does the fact that they were too turkeys at Christmas or cheeseburgers eaten too much on the local disk?

I saw some nice cats Butterball shaped some of my friends, is the cat
in space waddle back and can barely walk. It is not only hard on the
Cat heart, but increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other diseases
We help people when we get too much fat around the hips. So what do you do with a big cat? Put it on the treadmill, get a sauna to sweat out of
Extra fat?

The best photos Fat Cat

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