White Deer

White DeerAs the sport of hunting white deer grew in popularity in the USA, the opportunities for deer farming ventures has also grown with leaps and bounds. White deer are the most well-known and wide-spread deer in the USA. They are naturally found in most of the USA, and in large parts of South America and Canada.

Some farmers however, see these deer as pests, due to the damage inflicted on crops by their large numbers (there are approximately 14 - 20 million white deer in USA at present), they are still highly regarded for their value as livestock, both for hunting and venison, as for their antlers, and an approximated 2 million are hunted each year.

White deer are commonly found on the fringes of woodlands, or in woodlands. They often venture out to forage in farmlands, and will usually be found within 15 km (10 miles) of a water source, especially in where it is warmer in the summer they will be found close to water. They enjoy eating flowers and fresh grass in urban areas, and also venture into urban areas to eat garbage and even plastic, which can prove fatal. When farming with these deer, it is important to keep pollution clear of the deer to avoid fatalities.

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