Tiger Shark

Tiger shark looks like gwTiger Shark is one of the most fascinating species of sharks, with a distinctive appearance and properties, and the alarming threat to humans. These magnificent creatures living water, especially in the tropics, temperate climates, and are considered sacred in Hawaii. To protect shark species are protected projects that are specific to tiger sharks in operation, and animals of the ocean, often at the center of marine conservation volunteers.

Tiger Shark is a very large shark species, growing to a horrifying experience of about 4 feet long, weighing up to 635 kg. With such a size that it is not surprising that they are a threat to humans, especially as they are flat, murky waters of the tropical love. For the brave, but you can learn about the conservation of marine biology of these animals up close, bonus shares in the cages or glass.

Outside their appreciation for a nice man, tiger shark will eat almost anything, and shark conservation workers do not concentrate on a lack of food for these mammals. As prey animals, is their staple diet of small sharks, turtles, seals and other fish, and they are excellent hunters, they have the choice of the ocean. They are also excellent hunters, and their ability to find and catch prey is flawless. Increase their sense perceptions mean they catch their prey with relative ease. With their excellent eyesight, they can detect their prey from a mile away, even in murky water. And does their sense of smell, they smell even a small amount of blood from a distance, and can go up to the unsuspecting victim. You also have the remarkable ability to sense pressure waves at low frequencies, so they know when something is alive and moving into the surrounding waters.

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