Bumble Bee

Bumble BeeThere are over 250 known species of the genus Bombus bumblebees each world to find the most in the northern hemisphere. Bumble bee are social insects, which are marked by yellow and black hairs, but they vary in color, some are even completely black. With ladybugs and butterflies, they are one of the few insects like in general.

Bumble bee Queen, who invested in late summer to winter only, unlike the bees, the colony during the winter. The queen usually spends the winter in the ground or under the eaves of buildings emerge in the spring depending on the weather. These queens and great to find a suitable nesting site; deserted nests of small rodents, dead tree stumps and the base covers disorder are popular sites. It is unfortunate that gardeners often destroy what the queen would be considered the residence is highly desirable. In early spring, you will often see these big bees fly low to the ground in search of his new single family homes.

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