White Shark

White SharkDespite the best efforts of scientists, very little is known about sexual behavior and reproductive cycle of great white shark. Apart from a handful of unconfirmed allegations, to date no one has seen them mating or birth. Researchers must be detectives with the little information they do on the subject, and try to fill gaps in information on the reproductive behavior of similar species of sharks.

Male white shark are estimated to reach sexual maturity between the ages of 9-10, while the females are a little more to 12-15 years. Females are generally larger than males, and perhaps the extra time to mature, the females can grow large enough to carry a stretcher older boys.

The most fast and easy to identify a male shark has a pair of "Clasper," which changes the pelvic fins elongated. With the help of a hook or spine, which puts on the hard food in the first part of the opening of genital mutilation, and a strong internal pump as a "bag siphon," Clasper deliver the sperm into the female during mating. According to the researchers, Richard Ellis and John McCosker: "The body of an adult male white shark are very impressive, approaching the length and weight of a couple of Louisville Sluggers!"

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