White Wolf

White WolfIt's an old Indian tale about how a CEO of a small village has been to give a presentation to all adolescent boys. The boss said: .. Is it "All of us in our lives two wolves that live wolf on his left shoulder and is the black wolf, black wolf is constantly telling us hesitate to put the hard work to go much later fun now. Wolf, who lives on our right shoulder, the white wolf. is the one who always say, we are tirelessly toward our goals. The White Wolf tells us the time to view the map and the target. the white wolf is the one who keeps us up late at night and wake up early if all the others sleep. others call crazy people who listen to the white wolf, is obsessed and fanatical. the strange thing that people are people who listen to the black wolf normal call. "Some of the boys asked him who wins, is the one we finally hear? The chief replied:" The only thing we cherish most."

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