Wolf Pack

new moon wolf packWe saw wild wolf society help us to understand the dog's instinctive behavior (good and bad) that we observed in our pets. We will find fascinating and rigid organizational structure of the wild wolf society, with fast, consistent, fair discipline and clear lines of leadership, support and limits. The importance of the coordinated participation of each rank in the pack of wolves hunting, territorial disputes, and really all the other times we help determine the role of dogs with different personalities, as they try to understand to interact with us and other animals, and nature of guidance and limits that you expect your dog house - without which it miserably!

A good sense of smell of wolves is 20 times stronger than ours (and therefore the dog house). Heard a wild wolf is over 40 times better. Thus, the scent of a wolf pack, the pack is entering the country, although it picked up hours from the invader. The wind carries the scents and sounds.

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