Black Fish

little black fish farshid mesghaliThe black fish is not one of the most popular fish for the table. And that is undeserved, Black Fish is delicious and the cooking of fish is simple, black fish in recent years has been credited as one of the most nutritious fish. It is easy to cook black fish, no matter how you want to prepare. Well, maybe there are less recipes for black fish you can find, but you can fish in main dishes, salads, soups, stir-fry using the list is endless!

How to choose a black fish

If you can not start one yourself and are depending on your local grocery store or (fish) market, you need to draw some important tips to consider when selecting black fish you use in your kitchen. Make sure the meat of the fish is moist and firm. The black fish should smell clean, no fish. The skin should be shiny, not dry spots. If you buy a whole fish in black, check the eyes to make sure they are not darkened. For most recipes buying skinless fillets or steaks try, how can remove the inedible peel itself can be difficult. Finally, make sure the fish you buy is properly completed in a clean and fresh is stored.

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